How to use

If you haven't already, you can invite the bot here
To view a list of the commands you can use <@!889197952994791434> (mention) help.
To know more info about a specific command you can use <@!889197952994791434> help [command]
Here is a list of the main commands and how to use them:

<@!889197952994791434> status [Aternos server name or IP] grabs the status of the given Aternos server. Please note that custom domains (,, etc.) and ports are not supported.

<@!889197952994791434> setserver sets a default Aternos server for the current guild and will be the used server for the status command when no IP has been provided.

<@!889197952994791434> checkip checks if the given Aternos IP is already in use or not.

<@!889197952994791434> privacy embeds a link that redirects to our privacy policy.

If you are experiencing any issue when trying to use Pingernos, join our support server.